Combating Traffic Charges And DMV Violations

Traffic charges may sound minor, but they can impact your driving privileges, raise insurance premiums and are often accompanied by heavy fines. Bachara & Essey is experienced at defending North Carolina residents facing traffic offenses. We handle all types of traffic violations from excessive speeding to reckless driving. Our attorneys understand how to address these charges and fight to mitigate or discharge your penalties.

If you are facing a traffic charge or DMV violation, call 910-363-0086 to schedule a free case evaluation.

What Should You Do If You Are Cited With A Traffic Offense?

The steps that you take immediately following a traffic offense can significantly impact your case. If you are cited with a violation, follow the steps below to protect your rights:

  1. Do not admit guilt to the officer or plead guilty in court
  2. Do not pay off your traffic ticket until you speak with an attorney
  3. Contact a lawyer who can evaluate your case, and provide counsel
  4. Speak with your insurance company after you have consulted with your lawyer

How Can Speaking With An Attorney Help Your Case?

Our experienced attorneys are able to evaluate your case and systematically look for opportunities to reduce your penalties, or eliminate your charges entirely, by negotiating with the district attorney.

Instead of representing your case in court, allow our experienced legal team to fight on your behalf. Attorneys Mark Bachara and Gina Essey both previously worked at the office of the district attorney and understand how the prosecution operates. We can strategically fight your charges and prevent unnecessary penalties.

If you are charged with DWI, contact an attorney to discuss your options. A DWI charge can have serious long-term repercussions if not properly addressed.

Schedule A Free Case Evaluation With Our Knowledgeable Attorneys

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