Skillful Administration Of Complex Probate

After a North Carolina resident dies, their estate typically passes into probate. State law requires that the estate enters probate unless its value falls below a specific threshold. An estate bypasses probate if it is under $20,000 in value or $30,000 if the estate is transferring to a surviving spouse.

You may be appointed to administer a loved one's probate proceedings after their death. This requires collecting assets, paying debts and distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries. Probate administration is detailed, time-intensive work. Our meticulous attorneys at Bachara & Essey can execute the process on your behalf.

If you are nominated to carry out probate after the death of a loved one, contact the lawyers at our Oak Island office by calling 910-363-0086. We understand the sensitive nature of the task, and administer their probate with compassion and respect. Our lawyers can also answer any of your other estate planning-related questions.

Assisting Out-Of-State Family

You may have been appointed as the estate's personal representative, but live outside of North Carolina. This distance can make it difficult for you to gain access to necessary information, address court-ordered mandates, properly complete forms and finish the process without making costly mistakes.

Unfortunately, it is easy for an inexperienced administrator to make an error during the probate process. An executor's mistakes may make them personally liable for rectifying error. Our attorneys are well-versed in the probate process and skillfully avoid common pitfalls.

We assume probate responsibilities for many out-of-state family members. Probate proceedings typically take from three months to a full year to complete. Our responsive attorneys keep you informed throughout the process and instill confidence that duties are properly executed.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Our Detail-Oriented Attorneys

Call 910-363-0086 to schedule a free consultation with one of Bachara & Essey's detail-oriented attorneys. You may also contact our firm online. We can discuss your probate administration needs and assume the burden of this complicated process.