Guidance Through Alternative Dispute Resolutions

When people typically picture attorneys, they imagine courtroom litigation. However, some cases are settled outside of court by alternative dispute resolutions (ADR). In North Carolina, many family law disputes are required to enter ADR before a court will consider determining an outcome.

Our experienced attorneys at Bachara & Essey can guide you through the court-mandated ADR process, as well as voluntary mediation or arbitration.

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Understanding Mediation And Arbitration

There are two main ADR strategies — mediation and arbitration:

  • Under mediation, you and the opposing party negotiate an outcome under the guidance of a neutral third-party facilitator. As the facilitator, we provide advice without imposing a decision. This allows you to reach an agreeable decision with the other party, and avoid having a judge mandate a potentially unfavorable decision.
  • The process of arbitration is more similar to litigation; however, it is a more streamlined and cost-effective approach. Instead of a judge, an arbitrator or several arbitrators decide the outcome of the case. Additionally, you and the other party may select the arbitrator instead of having a judge assigned to your case.

The Benefits Of Avoiding Litigation

Employing ADR provides you more power to assert your will, and to reach an outcome that meets your family's needs. Additionally, the process is typically faster and less expensive than litigation. ADR does not work for every situation. If you cannot reach a decision in your family law dispute, your case will be decided by a judge.

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