Mark R. Bachara
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Securing Your Business’ Future

You place considerable attention and care into developing your business.


Our attorneys at Bachara & Essey can protect its future and guard against outside threats. Implementing strong contracts and legally solidifying business procedures, we have the power to circumvent costly disputes before they start.

Attorney Mark Bachara earned a MBA degree from the University of Baltimore in addition to a legal degree.


He pairs a strong knowledge of business practices with in-depth legal experience to counsel you through your business law needs.


Bachara's unique perspective allows for a multi-perspective analysis of your business' current operation and opportunities for improvement.

If you are a North Carolina business owner, call Bachara & Essey at 910-457-4577 to protect its existence for years to come.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance For Your Business

Our firm understands what legal protections small-business owners should employ to protect their interests.


We will guide you through all necessary phases, from initial business planning and formation to successful ownership succession when you retire.


We assist business owners with a comprehensive array of agreements and protections, including:

Business formation counsel and implementation
Employer-employee agreements
Copyrights, patents and trademarks
Succession plans
Partnership agreements
Rental agreements
Leases and evaluating zoning laws
Contracts for work and service orders

Drafting the proper legal defenses can protect you from personal liability and expensive litigation costs.


As a small business ourselves, we understand the concerns of business owners, and work to protect your interests.

If you own land and rent property to tenants, you may find yourself in a serious landlord-tenant dispute. Our attorneys can evaluate your contract and represent your case.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Experienced Attorneys
If you own a business, call 910-457-4577 to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyers. You can also contact our Oak Island office online. We can evaluate your current business plan and advise legal strategies to secure your interests.

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