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Providing Strong Representation For Your Family
At Bachara & Essey, we can assist you with all family law matters ranging from divorce, property division and alimony, to child custody, support and adoption.


In perhaps the most personal area of law, it is of chief importance to work with a lawyer who listens to your needs, goals and priorities. We understand how important family is to your happiness, and address your case with the same gravity that we would our own familial concerns.

Our attorneys provide quality representation with the confidentiality that you require.


We partner with you to develop effective case strategies that meet you goals.

If you face a family law concern, call 910-457-4577 to schedule a consultation with our compassionate attorneys. We will evaluate your case, and discuss your options at our Oak Island office.

Personalized Attention Throughout Your Case
Our law practice provides highly personalized service for North Carolina families.


Whether negotiating and litigating family law agreements or settlements, we are well-versed in alternative dispute resolutions and tailor our approach to your needs.


With the resources to assist family law clients of all means and walks of life, we offer experience, service and closely guard your confidentiality.

Bachara & Essey addresses your sensitive family law concerns, including:

Complex divorce and legal separation
Sensitive child custody and visitation
Grandparents' rights
Child support payments
Spousal support (alimony)
Fair property division
Prenuptial agreements
Post-marital agreements
Separation agreements
Termination of parental rights

Contact Our Responsive Attorneys Today
Call 910-457-4577
to schedule a consultation with our responsive attorneys. You can also email our firm online. We will carefully evaluate your case, and partner with you to determine a thoughtful solution. We know that your family is of the upmost importance, and we will do everything we can to represent your best interests.

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