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Protecting Your Real Estate Investments

Real estate purchases may be some of your most significant investments.


These purchases require considerable inputs of time and resources. Our attorneys at Bachara & Essey can guide you through this process and help you avoid wasted assets.

We assist North Carolina residents with residential and commercial real estate transactions and litigation.


Additionally, we address landlord-tenant disputes, and ensure that leasing contracts are properly drafted and upheld.


If you require assistance with a real estate transaction or litigation, call our Oak Island office at 910-457-4577.

Protecting Your Real Estate Transaction
Consult with our experienced lawyers before you enter a significant real estate investment.


We partner with you through every stage of the process from due diligence through the closing process.


Bachara & Essey evaluates the situation and identifies weaknesses that open you up to financial vulnerabilities. We address these potential pitfalls, and advocate more favorable contract terms on your behalf.

Additionally, Bachara & Essey protects your interests in post-purchase disputes. We can skillfully settle, or aggressively litigate on your behalf in court. Our case style adapts based on the exact circumstances to pursue your best chances of success.


We are also skilled in utilizing alternative dispute resolutions to develop a favorable solution.

Asserting Your Rights In Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Our firm assists both landlords and tenants locked in dispute.


We carefully analyze the situation for a breach in contract, violations of local laws and help parties develop a reasonable solution.

Bachara & Essey works with landlords to draft comprehensive lease agreements, and evaluates agreements for tenants to avoid future conflict. We address a range of landlord-tenant dispute topics, including:

Tenant failure to pay rent
Landlords refusing to make necessary repairs
Possible tenant eviction
Breach of lease contract

Discuss Your Real Estate Needs With Our Experienced Team
Do not expose your investment to risk.

Protect your interests by discussing your real estate goals with our experienced legal team. If you are interested in buying or selling property, call 910-457-4577 to schedule an appointment, or email Bachara & Essey online.

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