Securing Your Legacy With Strategic Estate Planning

Estate planning is commonly misunderstood. Due to this confusion, many North Carolina families lack a secure estate plan and the financial protection that they deserve.

If you have a spouse, children, home, retirement savings, loving pets or property you would like to leave to loved ones, you should consider an estate plan. Bachara & Essey can provide the necessary tools to protect these and other valuable rights.

If you have questions about estate planning, call our Oak Island office at 910-457-4577 to schedule a free consultation with our skilled attorneys.

Quick Facts About Estate Planning

While there are many misconceptions about estate planning, our lawyers would like for all Brunswick residents to know that:

    Estate plans are not only for the wealthy or elderly.
    There is no minimum amount of money or assets required to develop a plan.
    Estate planning addresses more than just the future of your assets after death.
    If you die without a will (intestate), North Carolina decides how to distribute your assets.
    If you do not have a will, your spouse or children might not be the beneficiaries of your estate.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

Bachara & Essey can help you navigate the entire estate planning process. We provide clients with assistance in the following areas:

    Powers of attorney
    Living wills
    Advanced health care directives
    Revocable trusts
    Testamentary trusts
    Special needs trusts for children
    Life insurance trusts
    Medicaid trusts
    Pet trusts
    Probate administration

We can also protect your parents' assets as they transition into elder care. Nursing homes and other end of life care costs range from $4,000 to $12,000 per month. Needless to say, this is easily the fastest way to drain an entire life's work in an estate. We can help you prevent this from happening.

Speak With Our Detail-Oriented Attorneys Today

You have worked hard to earn your assets, and deserve to protect their legacy. Call 910-457-4577 to schedule a free consultation with our detail-oriented attorneys. You may also email our firm online.

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